Running blindly is not the same as closing your eyes and running

Faced with the increasing complexity of the world and the difficulty of defining scenarios and foreseeing changes, strategic management is complicated and forced to evolve.

The old paradigms of the first industrial world no longer work because disruption is just around the corner, whatever our sector.

One may have the feeling of running blindly on a game board that mutates at vertigo speed without warning. And, in many cases, that’s the way it is. Whether we are aware of it or not!

Therefore, and although it sounds paradoxical, we believe that it is time to close your eyes and run.

When we close our eyes we perform a process of introspection that leads us to greater self-knowledge. We connect with our strengths, focus on our goals and channel all our energy towards them. In addition, we sharpen the rest of the senses by isolating ourselves from a visual infoxication that, in moments of chaos, does not provide us with any reliable information.

It is time for intuitive insights read between the lines at full speed, for testing and “fast fail”, for learning and quick reaction.

As much as it may weigh on us historical market analysts, yesterday is no longer a reliable clue to tomorrow. Our capabilities, which are objectively quantifiable, are more so. Let’s concentrate on them to pivot our business model nimbly and with guarantees based on the fascinating realities to which we are exposed.