Periscopik is a corporate communication agency with extensive experience in marketing and sales and a deep background in corporate strategy and human resources.

We are close, professional, flexible and involved and we work with the aim of helping you achieve your corporate goals through the most efficient possible use of words, design, creativity and technology.

If you lead a project or department and are looking for an enriching collaboration with a trusted partner with values…

Surely we will understand each other!


We have created the agency we always wanted to hire

After 20 years as technicians, entrepreneurs, department managers, or managers of different companies and organizations, always in the fields of communication, marketing and sales, we have created the agency we always wanted to hire: an honest company, with an excellent treatment that adds value in each project in which it participates.

Cristina Ustrell and Héctor Seguer lead a project in which we have a fantastic group of collaborators and suppliers of first level and deserved trust.

With a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Ramón Llull University, a postgraduate degree in Business Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University and a postgraduate degree in Emotional Intelligence in the work environment from the University of Barcelona, Cris is a certified Coach and Superior Sports Technician in alpine skiing by CAR Barcelona.

She has nearly 20 years of experience in different professional positions in the field of communication and people, having held technical positions and responsibility to national and international companies.

She is a cheerful and optimistic person with a great facility for interpersonal communication, mediation and consensus generation. She brings vision, organization and effectiveness to the projects in which participates.

She is passionate about the human side of companies and organizations as well as participating in the transmission of ideas and messages that contribute to the progress, growth and well-being of people.

MBA from the University of Barcelona, Master in Marketing and Sales Management from EAE Business School and Bachelor of Biological Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

In nearly 20 years of experience in corporate strategy, communication and sales, he has been a technician, entrepreneur, consultant, manager, member of boards of directors and head of different departments.

He is an enterprising person with a strong strategic profile that complements empathy, creativity and communication skills to generate innovative, efficient, consensus solutions with a marked design component.

Pursue a lifestyle in which personal and professional skills and purposes converge in an enriching and useful day to day.



Floow! (our particular vision of flow) synthesizes our purpose, our vision, our values and our way of understanding companies and life.

We want to help companies and organizations flow.

Flowing is the feeling of fullness and well-being that we experience when we achieve an almost perfect balance between goals and results; between effort and satisfaction.

When we flow, everything seems to pass without difficulties or obstacles: we would like to stop the clocks and, simply, continue to enjoy what we like the most…

We firmly believe that companies can (and should) also flow. Because flowing is not a banal experience: it is the consequence of total success.

A company that flows has an inspiring and shared purpose; works under responsible leadership and has a well-coordinated and professionally executed team.

It is a solvent, efficient and solid company with a competitive strategic plan and a great capacity for resilience and change. An attractive company that captures talent and loyalty strongly to its customers.

A company that flows is a happy and healthy company to be proud of.


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